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Website localization is more than translation

Your target customers should feel welcome and at home when navigating your website. This is how successful localization can help you cultivate customer engagement and make people trust in your brand, services, and products.

Website localization is the process of transforming your website not only from one language to another but from one locale to another.

The content should not simply be translated, but adapted to the target market. This means that slogans, taglines, and branding messages need to be transcreated rather than translated, graphical elements may need to be redesigned, and all local information, such as times, numbers, dates, and currencies, will need to be localized to the target market.

A properly localized website should respect the standards and norms of the target locale and reflect all these nuances of meaning in the target language. The visual components, such as animations, graphics, banners, and videos, should also be tailored to the targeted market.

Why localize your website

It is important for your localized website to be culturally relevant to the target market. Your customers should feel that the site targets them specifically and speaks in their language, not that it is merely a translation of content initially meant for another locale or — in a much worse scenario — a machine-translated reproduction.

What this process involves

  • Initial estimation of the project (volumes/tasks/effort involved, costs, timeframe for completion)
  • Content extraction
  • Content translation
  • Transcreation of key components if needed (banners, UI graphical elements, taglines)
  • Implementation of the localized site
  • Linguistic testing and quality assurance of localized website

We offer

  • Translation and adaptation of all content, including buttons, forms, user interfaces, multimedia files, and any software applications embedded in your website
  • An experienced project manager acting as your single point of contact focused on customer service and customer satisfaction
  • Native language translators experienced in website localization, including marketing translation specialists
  • A wealth of know-how as a result of being localization experts and having worked on similar projects for other clients
  • Use of all industry-standard translation technologies, including CAT tools and machine translation, which lower costs and ensure shorter turnaround times, accuracy and consistency, and facilitate the handling of content updates
  • Thorough quality control process during all stages of production and linguistic testing of the final product
  • Expert management of especially challenging situations, such as specialized subject matters, complex graphics localization, and quick turnaround times
  • Added-value services such as proofreading and search engine optimization (SEO) of your target language content

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