We create PDFs and page layouts tailored to your exact specifications and standards, in any language or file format you request, designed to fit your budget and deadline, regardless of the project size.

Desktop publishing: designed to your specifications

A product's literature, whether this consists of printed or online manuals, leaflets, guides, technical specifications, legal documents, or any relevant publication, must first be translated into the target language or languages and then processed for online or printed publishing.

Our multilingual DTP service can be provided either as a stand-alone service or as part of a one-stop service covering everything from translation to formatting and delivery of print-ready documents in the same format as the originals.
ORCO's desktop publishing department counts more than 20 years of operation, in which time we have processed tens of thousands of pages and completed projects for some of the world's biggest brand names.

Why combine translation and DTP services

The answer is simple: it is cost-effective and ensures a better output.
  • You save time and money since you can send us the original files (e.g., InDesign) and receive back the translation directly in the same format. No need for you to bother with cumbersome and time-consuming text extraction and re-insertion in the publishing software before and after translation.
  • You don't have to deal with text length limitations or try to size the text to fit the layout. You can trust this task to people who are native speakers of the target language and will know how to match the translation to the layout and general context while respecting both text boundaries and semantic and cultural considerations.
  • Having professional translators and DTP specialists on the same team means that any visual elements, such as images, illustrations, tables, and graphics, are reproduced accurately and faithfully, not only from a technical but also from a linguistic perspective.
  • Any content updates can be localized and inserted seamlessly into the DTPed files without time-consuming and error-prone back and forth between different service providers.
  • You reap the benefits of a streamlined workflow, where everything is coordinated centrally and knowledge is shared among all team members across all project stages.

Multilingual DTP

We handle a variety of different publications, such as technical manuals, instructions for use, catalogs, brochures, posters, flyers, leaflets, web publications, banners, and newsletters.
We ensure that tables of contents, hyperlinks, images, and fonts are always displayed correctly and that visual elements, such as images, tables, and graphics, are properly localized and presented appropriately for your target audiences.

Graphics localization

Graphics can play a big part in getting your message across to all your target markets, but localizing text in graphics can be tricky. The process of extracting, translating, and re-inserting the text into the graphic while ensuring the translated text fits well in the available space is cumbersome and time-consuming, expanding the project budget and timeframe.

Complex Microsoft Office files

Microsoft Excel, Word, or Powerpoint files with complex graphical elements, such as text boxes, tables, drop-down lists, and variables, often pose a challenge. This type of content is difficult to extract, translate or budget for — not to mention that it often involves “hidden” text that can be easily overlooked during translation.

Benefits of our DTP service

  • We offer a one-stop service, covering everything from translation to formatting and delivery of print-ready documents.
  • We offer DTP services in various language combinations.
  • We specialize in Adobe Creative Suite software, such as InDesign and FrameMaker and we support the latest available versions of all applications and formats
  • We offer a range of DTP delivery formats, ensuring that you receive print-ready documents in the same format you submitted
  • We can take care of your desktop publishing needs whether these involve expertise in desktop publishing software or a deep knowledge of Microsoft Office applications.

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