Whether we are talking about local or remote translation memories, cloud or online text editing interfaces, software and web localization applications, or sophisticated hybrid CAT and MT systems, the fact remains that technology lies at the heart of every translation project.

Translation technology: an indispensable part of every translation project

Selecting and implementing the right translation solution for your content requires technical expertise, experience with similar types of content, and a clear understanding of your long-term localization needs.

Are you translating a series of manuals, or is this a once-off assignment? Is your product an e-learning course, a software application, or your website? Do you work in an industry with specialized terminology, jargon, and conventions? Would you like your content recycled in future projects, or do you have already-translated content which you would like to reuse? Does your material have to adhere to strict stylistic guidelines, or is it free-flowing text where appearance and creativity are more important? Are budget and time constraints blocking your localization plans?

All of the above and much more may play a role in selecting the appropriate language technology tools and localization approach. We work with all the major commercially available localization tools and numerous custom tools and platforms developed by our customers. Whether you want to use a specific commercial or proprietary localization platform, or you would like us to implement our own localization solution for your content, we can help. Let us put our years of experience in the localization industry at your disposal and design together the best approach for your content, tailored to your needs, budget, and timeframe.

CAT tools

Our in-house translation solution is based on one very well-known brand name, which also happens to be one of the most powerful language industry tools, namely Trados Studio. Our current system includes the following:

  • Trados GroupShare: on-premise collaboration platform for translation teams

  • Multiterm: termbase management application

  • Trados Studio: complete translation environment for translating, reviewing, and managing translation projects and terminology

  • Passolo: localization tool for software user interfaces

  • Cloud-based machine translation

Trados GroupShare is a translation management system (TMS) that simplifies and accelerates translation processes for any content — from websites to documents to software. GroupShare provides consistent analysis and reporting of translation projects for translation project managers, translators, revisers, and subject matter experts. By automating many costly and time-consuming activities, this system eliminates delays in translated content availability, improves translation quality, and reduces costs.

Key benefits include:

  • Centralised linguistic technology
  • Content integration
  • Powerful process automation
  • Project management

One of the prime benefits of such a TMS system is the use of shared language resources, such as server-based Translation Memories and Terminology databases. It ensures real-time access to and update of shared translation memories by internal and external translators, revisers, and project managers. Each sentence that is translated or corrected by any team member is immediately available to all the other members ensuring increased productivity, consistency, and language homogeneity. The revising process starts soon after the translation starts so that the translation quality is closely monitored and any linguistic, stylistic, or terminological errors are immediately spotted and corrected in the shared translation memory.

Moreover, using a server-based translation platform like Trados GroupShare allows for accurate follow-up on the project status at any time. Project managers can analyze on a daily basis the original project files against the current translation memory and have actual translation progress data without the need to receive information or files from internal or external translators.

Internal and external resources alike can benefit from full access to all the translation memory information and functionality without having the actual translation memories or parts of them in their systems. The translation memories are safely stored centrally in the server, and no translation memory is distributed to users.

Overall, the use of Trados Studio translation technology provides unparalleled quality and productivity gains that permit the timely delivery of high-quality end products at reasonable prices.

CAT tools training and support

We can help you select the best CAT tool for your content and localization needs, and we can help you set it up properly and train your personnel to use it.

ORCO is the approved RWS reseller of Trados Studio in Greece and Cyprus. As such, we offer tailored training courses designed to familiarize your users with the software and get the most out of your translation solution.

Machine translation

Machine translation technology, or MT, as it is commonly referred to, has progressed by leaps and bounds over the last few years. Thanks to neural MT models, it is now a viable option for a lot of content, especially when combined with human post-editing. It can bring about massive savings in translation costs and allow for the translation of huge chunks of data which could not be localized otherwise.

We provide both raw MT output, using different MT engines, and MT post-editing services:

  • Machine translation using customized engines: Use of MT engines to create machine-translated content for various fields and types of content

  • Machine translation post-editingEditing of machine-translated content by qualified linguists to create a fluent and accurate result in the target language

Other related services

TM creationWe can create translation memories from your already translated materials, using tools like WinAlign and providing the basis for your subsequent translations, thus ensuring consistency of style, phrasing, and terminology with your legacy materials while offering considerable cost and time savings.

TM maintenanceWe can handle the maintenance of your existing translation memories, removing obsolete content and garbage strings (like coding), updating terminology, and making sure your TMs are trustworthy and functional so that you can get the most valuable results in your next project.

Central, shared storage for your projectsWe can store all your content, translations, and language resources centrally on our server, where your editors, product managers, or subject-matter experts have secure, real-time access to edit the files and your internal translators can use the translation memories and glossaries for work that is not outsourced.

QA checksYou may have files heavy on factual or numerical data (for instance, mathematical formulas, budget sheets, or legislative references with lots of dates and numbers), documents where consistency is critical to functionality (think of Help content referencing UI buttons), or content that includes tags and other code elements. We use quality assurance tools that help ensure accuracy, completeness, and consistency across all your translated files. Customized per target language and often per customer, these QA tools are used to supplement and support professional human translation, ensuring no comma or number is missing or out of place.

Glossary creation and terminology maintenanceThe importance of comprehensive glossaries and robust terminology management in any given technical project is self-evident. We use powerful tools, like MultiTerm, to create and update terminology lists which can be linked to translation projects and used during translation. We also use tools to extract potential terms from source materials to create an initial glossary which is subsequently translated into the target languages.

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