ORCO Meet(s) Central Europe 2022


Attending the MCE event for the first time was clearly a new opportunity in further exploring current tendencies and sharing common practices and concerns on Vendor Management: a vital and challenging role in the translation and localization industry, which is often not given enough credit!

  • Is acquiring talented freelance translators difficult?

  • What is the biggest challenge: finding or keeping a vendor?

  • How do you create a workplace where every talent feels at home?

These were only three of the topics that engaged our attention and gave us ideas to put into practice in our daily operations.

Aside from Vendor Management, other topics discussed included insightful presentations and brainstorming on the value of feedback, team building, professional development, fostering new generations of translators, bridging companies and universities, inflation and pricing in the language industry, quality improvement and other language industry topics, making this event a special one.

MCE has been a great networking spot, endorsing innovative ideas and processes on inspiring talent management for LSPs.

Walking away from our 3-day trip, our main #MCE 2022 takeaways couldn’t be other than:

  • the importance of the VM role in the translation industry, which in no case should be considered as an entry level role, as well as

  • looking at the future with optimism, with new collaborations starting and new practices to be developed.

Looking forward to MCE 2023!

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