GALA 2023 Dublin

The GALA 2023 conference held on 12-15 March in Dublin was the second biggest GALA conference ever, and our team was excited to be there, learn about all the exciting new trends, possibilities and innovations in the localization industry, and, most importantly, exchange ideas and concerns with all the interesting people who attended.

The main topics discussed focused on:

  • Technological trends in localization

  • Project and Vendor management challenges and opportunities

  • Accessibility and Inclusivity aspects in localization

Overall, this conference was all about change and how our industry can embrace it. Three days of insightful presentations and meetings full of tips for growth, transformation, and adaptation, to help all of us not only survive but thrive in this constantly evolving world while keeping our values and creativity intact.

It all wrapped up in beautiful Dublin landscapes and great social and networking events! We are really looking forward to the next one in Valencia!

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