The Elia Together 2023 conference:
Connecting the dots


Orco attended the Elia Together 2023 conference, held on 23&24 February in Rome, and we have to admit that the event exceeded our expectations!

We had the pleasure to wear so many hats during Elia Together 2023:

  • we participated as attendees, learning and gaining insights from all the engaging presentations

  • we participated as speakers, with Despina Pilou and her presentation titled “Re-defining creativity in localisation: Ways to unleash hidden potential”

  • we were very happy to host two booths at the Elia Together 2023 Job Fair, a great networking opportunity to connect with freelancers and other LSPs

  • we had the opportunity to support great initiatives, such as the LocinPink for Ukraine and the TogetherinPink initiative aiming to raise awareness about breast cancer in the localisation industry

The theme chosen for the Elia Together 2023 conference was Connecting the Dots and the program was split into two main tracks:

  • Once upon a time, presenting success stories that make our industry unique, as well as the strategies to stand out as a professional in this business.

  • Making happy ends meet, drawing lines between the different poles in our trade, such as Technology and Humans, LSPs and Freelancers, hard and soft skills.

The conference’s central premise is that a beautiful picture will emerge once you connect the dots. We could not agree more. Such inclusive conferences lead the way, enrich our perspectives, and facilitate collaboration and engagement.

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