#LocWorld47 Berlin takeaways

Following two years of virtual conferences and zoom meetings, saying that the ORCO team was happy to attend the LocWorld47 in person would be an understatement: we were thrilled!

  • Removing limits

  • Learning from mistakes

  • Working together to solve problems

These were the three main topics around which the LocWorld47 Berlin sessions revolved.

The scheduled sessions did not only include success stories, tales of failure that teach valuable lessons, and ideas for better communication, but they also stimulated vivid discussions during coffee breaks and lunch, in hotel corridors, and even on the plane back home!

LocWorld47 served as an inclusive communication channel for SLVs, MLVs, end customers, linguists, software engineers, developers, innovators, and researchers, and also proved to be an amazing opportunity for networking, brainstorming, nagging among peers about the localization industry’s flaws, and finding solutions (or, at least, finding comfort in the realization that others are also facing the same challenges).

We can’t wait for the next LocWorld!

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