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European Institutions & International Organisations

A special category of important clients includes national, international and European Union public organizations, such as: Greek Standards Organization (ELOT), Central Bank of Greece, United Nations (UN High Commissioner for Refugees), Centre de Traduction des Organes de l’ Union Europeene (CDT), EC Directorate General for Translation (DGT), and the European Parliament (EP).

The projects undertaken for these customers involve several European languages and cover a wide variety of thematic fields and topics. The texts are mostly derived from the socio-political, legal and financial sectors and range from agriculture and fishery to banking and commerce, technology and education, to name only a few. In addition, the projects consist of different types of documents, such as legal, informative, educational, financial and also documents covering geopolitical reports, studies and policies.

With some of these clients, such as ELOT and the Central bank of Greece, we started our collaboration some years ago, while collaborations with some other clients, such as UNHCR, CDT, EP and DGT, are more recent. Without exception, all of these projects are of the highest standards and require dedicated teams, expert resources, clearly defined and well-structured processes, and have very strict quality expectations. To be successful in this field, you need to be versatile, creative and able to establish strict procedures and rules and adhere to them. ORCO has successfully met these standards and is proud to have included these distinguished organizations among its clients.


European Parliament (EP) Centre de Traduction des Organes de l’ Union Europeene (CDT)EC Directorate General for Translation (DGT) United Nations (UN High Commissioner for Refugees) Greek Standards Organization (ELOT) Central Bank of Greece

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