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Terminology Management


SDL Trados Team 2009
SDL Trados Team provides a solution to share Translation Memories (TMs) within a small workgroup or team, extending the functionality of SDL Trados Studio up to five users within a LAN environment. Benefit from the power of sharing within a team, without the complexity of a large scale server solution.
SDL TM Server 2009
SDL TM Server is the scalable foundation for any translation environment, providing the ability to share translation assets in a flexible and intelligent way. By offering access to all parties in the translation supply chain, crowd-sharing of translation assets creation becomes a reality. Exponential fast growth of translation memories (TMs) and a true collaborative way of working drives faster than ever localization whilst reducing overall costs.   The system shares translation memories over the Web so each team member on a project can securely share the work of other team members, allowing your company to work seamlessly with thousands of Trados-equipped freelance translators and language vendors.
Cutting edge architecture. SDL TM Server features a high performance, high availability client/server architecture that fully meets today’s language service providers requirements for scalability and manageability of translation technology.
Unparalleled power. Regardless of the scenario, amount of users or databases required, SDL TM Server provides the freedom to scale up or scale out depending on the requirements. SDL TM Server with its ability to cluster multiple servers makes it possible to reach unprecedented processing speed while surpassing today’s requirements in performance and manageability.
Seamless upgrade paths from existing SDL systems. The SDL TM Server Upgrade Wizard easily converts both file and server-based legacy TMs. Professional Services are available for help in more sophisticated migration scenarios.
Enhanced integration with SDL Trados Studio 2009 Desktop.  Access server and file based TMs in parallel and have the ability to create server-based project TMs as part of project creation. Using project TMs on the server allows you to keep your main server based TMs clean until the end of the project when you update them based on the final fully reviewed files. Users also have the option to fine tune performance settings based on their access rights.



SDL MultiTerm Extract 2009
Save time by automatically extracting terms with SDL MultiTerm Extract 2009. Now including SDL PhraseFinder. Automatically locate and extract potential monolingual or bilingual terms from existing documentation or translation memories to build termbases and glossaries quickly .  View a statistical overview of how the terminology overlaps with a SDL MultiTerm termbase. This helps assess the quality and consistency of the terminology and therefore helps improve the translation.  By automatically identifying the right terms and importing them on-the-fly into an SDL MultiTerm termbase, you can ensure that you deliver your translations accurately.
SDL MultiTerm Desktop 2009
SDL MultiTerm Desktop 2009 is the desktop terminology management tool from SDL. It can be used out-of-the-box by the translator and terminologist alike as a standalone desktop tool to manage all your terminology, or its power can be enhanced in the translation environment with its integration with SDL Trados Studio 2009.  It ensures accuracy, consistency and quality in translation and Increases productivity in translation.  It helps providing consistent source content for more accurate and easy translation
SDL MultiTerm Team
SDL MultiTerm Team Edition extends the SDL MultiTerm Desktop offering to support a multi-user environment of up to five concurrent users. It standardises the accurate and consistent use of all terms that your clients business uses, in one language or across multiple languages. SDL MultiTerm Team includes all SDL MultiTerm Desktop components, but increases your ability to manage terminology by adding server power to small teams.  SDL MultiTerm Team builds and maintains master glossary termbases that standardise your clients' brands, product names, part names, technical specifications, legal phrases, catalogue descriptions, marketing messages, style guides, and more. Your master glossaries are then available to selected users to explain how product, technical, legal, medical, and marketing terms should be used across multiple languages.
SDL MultiTerm Server 2009
SDL MultiTerm Server is the market-leading terminology management solution that allows Language Service Providers to centralize, share and manage clients' terminology in order to increase internal efficiency, optimize terminology access throughout the translation supply chain and deliver added value to clients.
Share terminology across multiple users.  Create, define and manage users of terminology that allows sharing of centralized terminology to ensure consistent terms are applied in all translated content.
Cutting edge architecture.  Based on SDL Common Enterprise Application Framework (CEAF), SDL MultiTerm Server delivers the performance, user management and scalability that allows you to manage large-scale termbases across multiple users.
Integration with SDL Trados Studio and SDL MultiTerm Desktop.  Access server-based terminology from with the term recognition feature in SDL Trados Studio and apply it during the translation process to ensure consistency across all of your clients’ multilingual content.
Sophisticated access rights and security management.  Only allow the right users access to the right terms to ensure that your terminology and brand are protected. This allows you to define a sophisticated terminology management process that allows users to be assigned different roles for different scenarios or clients.
SDL MultiTerm Online 2009
SDL MultiTerm Online is the web terminology portal that provides access to and manages server-based terminology any time and from anywhere in the world. By providing quick and easy access to centralized terminology, as well as possessing many of the key features of SDL MultiTerm Desktop, SDL MultiTerm Online helps promote terminology management through the translation supply chain.

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