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Translation Memory

SDL Trados Studio 2009

SDL Trados® Studio 2009 is the culmination of 25 years and over $100 million spent on research and development. It not only combines the best of both SDLX® and SDL Trados but introduces many new and innovative features, making it the most revolutionary and advanced translation memory software on the market. Providing one integrated environment for all your translation, terminology, review and project management needs, SDL Trados Studio 2009 unleashes the power of the new RevleX™ translation memory engine. With groundbreaking new features and an open, standards based platform, it significantly enhances productivity and maximizes performance throughout the translation supply chain. 

New Features

AutoSuggest™: smart suggestions as you type 
Go beyond segment matching by leveraging phrases from your TM as you type. Maximize translation assets and watch your productivity skyrocket!

One integrated application for all your tasks Project management, translation and review all in the same place. Fully customizable to suit your needs enabling you to work more productively.

RevleX™ translation memory engine A ground-breaking TM engine which delivers a host of new time-saving features such as Context Match, improved concordance searching, plus many more.

Clean, intuitive environment Clear and easy-to-use translation environment, with minimum tags, lets you focus on translating your documents faster.

Context Match: take accuracy to new heights Provides "beyond 100%" matches by recognizing location and context to deliver the best translation. No complicated set-up or configuration required!

Real-time QA and spell checks Instantly correct any mistake or typo as you translate, driving consistency and accuracy further.

QuickPlace™ for maximized efficiency All your formatting, tags, placeable and variables at your fingertips. Smart suggestions based on your source content make translating any file type a breeze.

New support for PDF files You asked, we listened! A new filter so that you can accept PDF documents when the original source files are not available.

Real-time preview See the final document as you translate, save DTP time and better tailor your translations. Currently available for DOC/DOCX, HTML and XML. Traditional preview available for all other formats.

Automated translation: faster content delivery Fully integrated into your translation environment. Translate content that you would have never translated before!

Open standards for open communication Even more recognized industry standards such as XLIFF (bilingual files), TMX (translation memories) and TBX (terminology databases).

Multiple TM sequencing: maximize content Access multiple TMs at the same time and control how you work with



SDL Trados Studio 2009 is available in two different versions, Freelance and Professional. The reason behind having separate versions is that freelance translators do not usually require all the functionality within the full Professional license.

The additional features in the Professional version include:

Ability to work on a network: Our professional version is network enabled and can be used on a domain controlled network.

AutoSuggest creation: Dictionary creation with the revolutionary new AutoSuggest feature only exists within the Professional version. The Freelance version will enable translators to open and use AutoSuggest dictionaries, but they will not be able to create them.

Automated project preparation and distribution: Create and distribute projects with SDL Package technology - you can only open and return packages in the Freelance version.   Please note that it is possible to create projects in the Freelance version, but the SDL Package technology and customized task sequencing are available only in the Professional version.

Unlimited language support: Work with as many languages as you want - the Freelance version supports up to 5 languages (which are selected upon installation)

SDL PerfectMatch: Create PerfectMatches (in-context 100% matches) by leveraging your previously translated bilingual files. The SDL PerfectMatch component of SDL Trados 2007 Suite will still be available for this purpose. Users on the Freelance edition will be able to use PerfectMatches, but not create them.



SDL MultiTerm 2009


SDL MultiTerm 2009 is the terminology management tool that integrates with SDL Trados Studio 2009 SP1 allowing you to add, apply, edit and manage your terms all within the translation environment. You can ensure high levels of consistency and quality by automatically populating translations with approved terminology.

SDL Passolo Essential

Software localization is the translation and adaptation of software, or a web product, and all of its related documentation, such as icons, strings or menus. SDL Passolo Essential is a specialized tool that will allow you to quickly and easily translate all elements involved in a software graphic user interface (software localization) project.

SDL Trados WinAlign

SDL Trados WinAlign offers a different method of creating a translation memory by leveraging previously translated materials (source and translated versions). By automatically "aligning" the source and translated files together, you can import the matched pairs into your translation memory for future re-use.

SDL PerfectMatch™

SDL PerfectMatch™ is a sophisticated application that distinguishes between in-context and out-of-context 100% sentence matches ensuring that 100% matches are within context before they are applied to the translation project. This eliminates hours of review time, so that you can save time and accept more translation projects. SDL PerfectMatch™ is available via SDL Trados 2007 Suite, a component included within SDL Trados Studio 2009 SP1.

SDL Trados 2007 Suite

SDL Trados 2007 Suite is included in SDL Trados Studio 2009 SP1 to allow for a seamless transition to the new product, including the ability to upgrade your old translation memories, access PerfectMatch or see a preview of a TTX or ITD file.

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