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Marketing - Administrative - Legal

Globalization, the modern culture in international commerce, necessitates – more than ever – the translation of most business documents into languages of local markets. Of primal importance, the marketing material (including websites) of an exporting firm must be localized in order for the products or services to be disseminated and distributed successfully abroad. However, larger or smaller business deals require the translation of important administrative and legal documents, sometimes demanded even by local laws.

Among them, ORCO pioneered in this field in the early 90’s by undertaking large volumes of such documents translation. Over the years, we have localized a wealth of marketing, administrative and legal documents of the following types:

  • Contract law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Internet Search & Navigation Services
  • Advertising & Marketing materials
  • Corporate and commercial websites
  • Public administration and standards

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  • Plunet BusinessManager - Business und Translation Management System