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Multimedia - Games

Ιn recent years we have seen a significant shift to visual and auditory media as a means to communicate information in a more condensed and personalized manner. Multimedia is used in many business and commercial applications and for various purposes, ranging from a corporate presentation that aims to inform, to an audio commercial that aims to market a product.


In parallel to the multimedia industry, video games have also evolved from the arcades of the 80s and have nowdays infiltrated all modern means of communication and home entertainment: from our home TV, to our PC browser and our mobile phones. With a range of games that appeal to all audiences, from the dedicated player to the more casual player, video games are perhaps the strongest emerging trend in home and online entertainment. As videogames encroach more and more on the living room, localization needs increase accordingly. At the moment, the market sectors where the need for localization is strongest, at least in Greece, are web games, casual games, as well as games for mobile phones.


Our specialization in the multimedia and video games industries includes:

  • Educational and business ethics videos
  • Games for mobile phones
  • Interactive presentations and tutorials
  • Product marketing videos
  • Social networking sites
  • Video game console user documentation
  • Video games artwork, documentation and packaging localization for multiple platforms
  • Video games user interface localization for multiple platforms
  • Web games (online casinos, casual games)

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