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Localizabilty Assessment & Project Management

ORCO's Translation and Localization Department, through the diversity of the projects successfully carried out and the valuable know-how accumulated over the years, offers today high-level localizability assessment and localization project management and consulting services. Customised and adopted to fulfill the needs of the client, the project and the local environment, these services include:


Localizability analysis and evaluation: Is your product localizable in Greek?

We offer a complete source product evaluation for addressing the Greek market. The aim of this evaluation is to examine the functionality and marketability of a source product in the local market, as well as the feasibility of its localization in Greek. To address these issues the product is tested and evaluated for eventual problem areas in the following fields:
  • Operation in Greek environment: Greek operating systems, software and hardware issues, use of Greek character sets, etc.
  • Adequate functionality for the Greek market: Compliance to Greek law, customs and practices; correct sorting orders and collating sequences; local date, number and currency formats; language depending functionality, cultural compatibility, etc.
  • Localizability on technical and language level: Code pages, fonts, hardcoded language and locale elements, string length restrictions, etc.
  • Project feasibility: Localization difficulty, volume, availability of sufficient and suitable resources, tools, special processes, schedule, budget, etc.

Localization consulting and project management

Based on the substantial experience gained through numerous and wide-range localization projects, ORCO offers know-how to clients that minimises cost and project failure risk and provides tailored-made optimal solutions as well as sound advice to resolve problems. The main areas addressed for each localization project are the following:
  • Project Planning: identification of volume of work; skills needed; schedule for the project; required hardware, software and tools; necessary human resources; etc.
  • Project Preparation: task assignments; setting up the appropriate work environment (software, hardware, translation tools); creation of reference material corpus and project glossary; preparation of project specific instructions; evaluation and preparation of material for localization; setting up file tracking; progress monitoring; backup and specific quality assurance processes; personnel training; etc.
  • Project Execution: progress monitoring and evaluation per task (translation, proof-reading, verification, testing, artwork, DTP, etc.); quality monitoring and evaluation per task; identification of current and potential problems; design and implementation of optimal solutions; etc.
  • Project Completion: delivery management; archiving; project data and language material post processing; project lifecycle assessment; etc.

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