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Review & Quality Assurance Services

Language quality is a sine qua non for any given translation work. Therefore, quality assurance, together with terminology management, forms the cornerstones of any successful translation or localization project.


However, in our day and age, where speed and efficiency are also essential and content usually has a short lifecycle, this means that quality became a major factor in an equation that also features speed and cost efficiency. But how does one balance all of these seemingly contradictory factors?


One thing is certain: it is not enough any more to simply employ the right people for the right tasks to achieve the desired level of quality.


As the industries and business sectors that feed translation have evolved and have become more complex, so too translation had to evolve and adapt in order to effectively cover the clients growing requirements.


This is achieved through the use of specific methodologies and workflows, the development of multi-step processes, the extensive usage of technologies and tools and the application of concrete standards in all localization work.


This in turn gave birth to several services that run in parallel and complement translation work, while assuring language quality.


ORCO today offers a series of such complementary quality assurance services that include the following:

  • Translation standards compilation and maintenance
    • Creation and maintenance of translation Style Guides
    • Cultural compatibility assessment and compilation of relevant standards

  • Translation memory creation and maintenance
    • Creation of translation memories from already available materials
    • Translation memory maintenance and clean up

  • Translation quality evaluation and translation editing
    • Linguistic audit of a statistically sound sample against industry or client-defined standards and completion of quality assurance reports based on established QA metrics
    • Comprehensive review and correction of third party translations

  • Specialized QA checks
    • Linguistic review and testing of final, compiled files
    • In-context review of running builds (for software and help)
    • In-context review of content in specially prepared formats and media (mobile phones simulators, screenshot reviews)
    • In-context review of files in custom online QA systems and application of specific QA workflows
    • Bug logging, tracking, and fixing for all the above review types in client databases

  • Machine translation post-editing
    • Editing of machine-translated content by qualified linguists in order to create a fluent and accurate result in the target language

  • Plunet BusinessManager - Business und Translation Management System