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Multimedia Localization

It is true that in recent years we have seen a significant shift to visual and auditory media as a means to communicate information in a more condensed and personalized manner. Multimedia is used in many business and commercial applications and for various purposes, ranging from a corporate presentation that aims to inform, to an audio commercial that aims to market a product, to eLearning applications that aim to educate.


Multimedia localization encompasses all translation and localization activities that are related to visual and audio media. This is a complex endeavour because it involves several specializations other than translation, such as audio recording, voice dubbing, video production, art and graphic processing, to name just a few.


It is also important to note that multimedia localization presents particular difficulty since the text, audio or graphic often needs to be adapted to the target culture while at the same time preserving the original message. Moreover, specific restrictions may apply regarding text or audio length, in which case the translation has to be shortened to fit in the available amount of space. This is particularly true for the Greek language, since it tends to be approximately 20% longer than English.


Building on our experience and expertise in translation/localization, we have expanded our services to cover the needs of multimedia localization as well, taking into account all the aforementioned special requirements.


Our multimedia linguistic localization services include:

  • Animation localization
  • Art and graphics localization
  • Script transcription and translation
  • Script check
  • Subtitle translation

In addition, the following services are provided in collaboration with a local specialised recording studio.

  • Artistic direction
  • Audio Script Recognition
  • Casting
  • Creation Audio SFX
  • Dubbing and voice-overs
  • Audio Post-Production
  • Sound Recording


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