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Website Localization

Nowadays, the web is an intrinsic part of any company's global strategy. A corporate website is the first point of call for anyone that is considering approaching a company to buy goods and services.

Website localization enables companies “to provide their site content in the language of the target market, thus making it easier for local customers to access this information, evaluate the offered services and proceed to a purchase”.


Localizing a website does not involve only the translation of the content from one language to another, but also the tailoring of said content to the target culture and its adaptation to local forms and standards.

Over the years, ORCO has accumulated a lot of experience in the localization of corporate and commercial websites. We have undertaken numerous and diverse web localization projects, ranging from corporate sites to commercial sites, informational and marketing sites, social networking sites etc.

Our website localization services include:
  • Complete localization of website content
  • Complete localization of website application user interface
  • Graphics localization and adaptation
  • Complete adaptation of terminology and style to the target culture
  • Functional and linguistic testing of localized website, including consistency with respective software functionality and correction of bugs
  • Localizing website updates

  • Plunet BusinessManager - Business und Translation Management System