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Software and Online Help Localization

Localization, also spelled "localisation", refers to the process of adapting computer software from a source language to a given target language.  According to one definition, "it is the process of adapting internationalized software for a specific region or language by adding locale-specific components and translating text".



The localization of a software product usually involves both localizing the user interface components (windows, menus, messages, tooltips) and localizing the user assistance documentation, whether the latter is offered in the form of "online help" or printed documentation.

ORCO has been specializing in software localization since 1989, when we were awarded our first large-scale software project by IBM. Since then, we have focused in the development and application of modern localization techniques, suitable for the peculiarities of the Greek language. As a result, significant framework-contracts for long-term collaboration have been signed between ORCO and three of the larger IT companies in the market, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle, for the ongoing localization of their software products. Currently, we are providing localization services, either directly or sub-contracted, to a large number of well-known companies, both domestic and international.

Our software and online help localization services include:
  • Software:
    • Complete localization of all User Interface items (menus, dialogs, messages, artwork, etc.)
    • User Interface elements resizing and layout adaptation
    • Localized software build
    • Complete functional and linguistic tests
    • Correction of language bugs
  • Online Help:
    • Complete localization of online help content
    • Art localization, adaptation or creation
    • On-line help compilation
    • Functional and linguistic testing, including consistency with respective software functionality and terminology
    • Correction of functional and language bugs

The use of appropriate technologies and SW localization tools is an essential part of the localization process.

  • Plunet BusinessManager - Business und Translation Management System