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Production Team

Project Managers

Project Managers are the link between ORCO and the client. They act as a single point of contact, appraising each project and assigning resources as necessary. With every subsequent project, our Project Managers will familiarize themselves with the client’s needs and specifications set for their projects, ensuring high quality of results.


Language Leads - Proof Readers – QA

With productivity being a top priority, our QA department will make sure that each project is completed according to the clients’ specifications at no quality discounts.  Our proof readers are also adept at identifying software issues that may arise from problematic translations, and are able to examine DTP documents with a keen eye for detail.  Furthermore, some projects demand very specific knowledge of a subject and that is where our language leads come in. They will solve any dispute concerning terminology and they will make sure that the translators will adhere to industry-standard terms and expressions.



This is the driving force behind our Translation & Localization department. Our in-house translators combine various backgrounds and degrees of experience, so that we can call upon a large pool of specific knowledge and talent. Being able to use a resource that suits perfectly a project’s profile allows us to improve our turnaround times and reduce QA costs for our clients.


DTP – Art

Some projects, which are intended for publication or distribution, may depend on sensitive page layouts which may be influenced by the translation process. Our DTP specialists will make sure that the layout of the original documents is maintained and create sample documents for our proofreaders to work on.



Today’s demanding localization environment requires the use of many different software tools, as well as a robust infrastructure, which will facilitate the collaboration between Project Managers and internal or external resources.  Our engineers will make sure that everything works the way it should, and will resolve any issues that may arise concerning the use of software tools.  In this way, there is less downtime, enabling us to keep up with our client's requirements.

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